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                       Pastors Herb & Bernice Cage                                                                                                   

Real Faith aaaaaaonline church in the Partners In Harvest family…PIH is a family and network of churches, birthed out of renewal and associated with Catch The Fire Toronto.   PIH is the family members primary relational affiliation and covering; PIH is the members primary source of accountability (PIH leadership, and other PIH family members); PIH leadership exists to provide encouragement, blessing, and a relational network for the building up of its members; PIH makes every effort to cross denominational, generational and cultural lines in order to increase and promote blessing and unity in the global Body of Christ; PIH is not a top-down, controlling, pyramid structure; rather, PIH churches and ministries are autonomous, self-governed entities. Leadership of PIH readily provides counsel when asked but will not meddle or offer unsolicited advice.